Sick Of This Shit

by DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta)

Stay Consistent D.i.Y or die been on this for a long time did i mention choose your own adventure never play the game by the rules our bets in don't tell us what to do not just anthem of the youth first lesson kept in spent a lot of time by myself choking on a sentence reflection best in analyzing to death and we been fighting frequencys trying to find our space Chorus: Fuck the fame and the marketing we never gave a fuck y'all stand up DD.M coming thru P.O.V point of view Stay Consistent If you don't know you then you probably fall for that If you don't know true then you probably stay fronting If you don't love you then u can't feel nothing If you don't know you then you probably swallow that DDM stay nice like a fresh pack going places we never seen we like in between this ain't something you find on a map this is something gotta know where its at bring it on back word of mouth gotta seek it out what I'm talking about its like that boom boom pow Chorus Love in the cooking that make it taste so good look in your eye that make me think we could it was raw and with beauty like when you made mix tape for a friend that you love truly did it for the heart of it art of it come close you can feel the scars of it been screaming class war all day something to say practically speaking always been seeking your type of free Sass and substance confidence and self doubt journey into bass friendly slow it on down can you tell me feeling that connection when we in your town experience we made Chorus
Manufacture Consent Chorus: Say it like that I'm not a number I'm a name (x 4) say it like that I'm not a number We've been treated like numbers and manipulated played like puppets you feeling sedated dehumanized and we overmedicated look into them eyes and see what they created fall into darkness and it wouldn't take much turn into something not so easy to touch push pull take the hands off the clutch quick words turn to dust i was trying to trust In the name of - say it don't speak for us in the name of - say it don't speak for us In the name of the people but we have a name don't speak for us it never sound the same feel it in the gut know from where you came say it like that I'm not a number I'm a name Life comes with strings attached and i know that can have you making sucker moves staring at your cereal eyes glazed over tv coma have you hating on a stranger that you never meet strings all over manufacture our consent cut them strings yo, atleast we tried but when you look down them hands are tied you feeling done by chicken fried caged and battered all them tears you cried that was you, me and everyone we know not trusting who's in control but pulled along again for a ride in the power structure don't believe the hype these old myths kept us in line what it like their authorities bold thèse hierarchies sold out humanity cold and we paying with our life In the name of - say it don't speak for us in the name of - say it don't speak for us In the name of the people but we have a name don't speak for us it never sound the same feel it in the gut know from where you came say it like that I'm not a number I'm a name Chorus when the bottom get busy then the top get nervous you can tell them this number no longer in service cutting them strings here's a knife these puppet masters keep us L for life create the disease create the cure keep us conditioned they always want more looking for submission we looking for a door thats a way out to escape an old tired maze now In the name of - say it don't speak for us in the name of - say it don't speak for us In the name of the people but we have a name don't speak for us it never sound the same feel it in the gut know from where you came say it like that I'm not a number I'm a name
Free Thought 02:40
Free Thought Chorus: Free thought boy you can take it if you wanna shy girl but I say what i gotta sick of eating each other out here like piranha waiting on your bail money hanging on your mama I might be cynical but i got a swirl of optimism I'm not so typical but not a fuck is given always been talking critical about the complicated world we living and questioning their power could get you slapped down quick unsustainable grip our lives gonna slip teach us just enough to work not enough to know our worth meek shall inherit the earth but we stay digging wells we can't even drink from like we been doing math without the sum Chorus 1+1= 3 do you agree? free thought free speech till power say its not and your words breach their authority freedom over everything the sound of discontent you can hear it what we bring is why they fear it self disciplined and we playing that chess board asking ourselves what is the stress for? If rent is theft and money is a lie we still feel all this hunger inside we kept our head above the water but below the grass. Chorus Our broken down empathy got us in a rut the system got us not giving a fuck about another chained together connected swim together drown each other feeling disrespected I ain't trusting the powers that be the powers that been free thought we can be better than change or culture cause it aint built to last in the name of security they kill your ass where there is love there is life and that is worth fighting for some say something like amore Chorus
Malatesta 01:37
Activate 00:57
Flesh & Nostalgia CHORUS: Flesh and Nostalgia memories will find ya in the end who are we bags of skin and memories flesh flesh press press creating meaning pressed for time the days no longer had a name they had lost what they became You came in with a bit of urgency saying time is no longer a friend to me words were heavy spoken and i knew she was serious every word had a purpose and i was curious stay pressed stay pressed finding our way no compass instinct and reason kept my progress trying to use all my time shit burn on my mind like tick tock don't stop 365 finding ways to say the same cause great ideas never die stay pressed Chorus You said if theres no time only clocks culture shocks controlled by and we running your nights are never long enough days are so short prepare to stare in the face of the time keeper the clock bites nips away your life like your preacher haunted with hesitation to keep keeping on stay strong muscle and the flesh when the beat hit the best that you ever felt ill put it out measuring the days in the face and the bones say it's been awhile stay pressed Chorus Waking up with the determination of forever falling asleep with the damp reality of the end soon we'll just be memories don't forget don't regret i wanna believe in beautiful lies denial blanket in the wintertime kept covered best behind facing my mortality vulnerbility exposed time goes that's it had some good moments can't quit swimming towards it moon and the night river and the fight upstream stay clean on the journey walk with me stay pressed Chorus Surronded by my own insignificance Relishing in my own relevance ego dies with you or does it stay behind i could sleep a thousand years still wake up in time carrying around my mind we stay pressed we all connect thats a net we can not see danced with the moon never came back i saw all the stars put them on my back that star stuff a piece of we held together peacefully


New 12 inch Vinyl version coming this summer from EK records, Disorder Rebel Store, Fire and Flames Music and BBoykonsian.


released June 25, 2017

written, recorded, performed and Produced by DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta)




DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) Berlin, Germany

Born in San Francisco, raised in Milano now based in Berlin.

From their start in 2005 on, DDM have been committed to carrying on the tradition of hip-hop as a way of sharing stories of struggle, giving the perspective and drawing attention to the voices that are never heard.
coming in 2021 the “Blood Money” EP

A European and North American tour is being planned for 2021.
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