by DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta)

DDM - Intro 00:49
Flags 01:54
02. Flags Flags are bits of colored cloth Flags are bits of colored cloth Chorus: Fuck the flag burn them on down burn them on the drop dirty them up sick pop sick pop fuck drop sick pop Picture me giving a fuck about a politician in any town man i’m about the worldwide take them as they come These countries are here to divide nah that shit gone dumb fake ass pride we is the future we is the sun They keep this world cold but we is the one heat it up, light it up roll it undone we rebuild and start again actions are louder than our words speak so come on get it with me fuck a government in any print y’all states of abuse ....Roll it undone x2 (Chorus) Gonna upset the setup tell a politician to shut up they talk to much got us swimming through this strategy of tension got you salty all day working jobs that you don’t want to be in I say the children of fear are here to say we don’t want this world we here to play so fuck your flags with your profits round our neck got us choking all day we give them that authority and we can take it back Power is with the people not just a cliche it’s a fucking fact, they the game we pay the price always a rich mans war and a poor mans fight Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink wrap peoples brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead (Chorus)
Power 03:00
04. Casa Occupata feat. Acero Moretti Come on wolf come blow this house made of brick x2 Come on wolf come blow this house made of brick x2 What you know about this where you live don’t shit It’ll be what we mofo make it radical history since way back they still trying to break it round here they made their own social security you can call it that partigiano mentality presente, respire, resiste way it’s gotta be life is rich it’s a necessity their power be attacking we lift the pressure make their profit lesser owned by the state or owned by the bank take it as it is just common sense what the fuck they think but they trying smash us and them kitchen sinks Chorus: Dimmi che ne sai Dimmi che ne sai la sorte, la malasorte con un lavoro a usura oppure si usura giocando a carte inventa il tuo presente, la vita è un arte la società è malata, ha il mito di chi fa le scarpe dimmi che ne sai se non ci sei stato mai parliamo di rivolta, di birra e lotta thay notti tragiche, sorsi di amaro calice notti magiche, dove non metti a fuoco l’immagine hasta la vista la lista sfonda le lamiere qua lo stato è assenteista prenditi il quartiere, è di chi ci vive tamburi di battaglia contro chi ci opprime perchè hai voglia che la casa è un diritto ma da disoccupato come pago l’affitto what a hell, you can ring my bell intanto ci capiamo a sghenewey e you understand. (Chorus) What you know about that polenta Diritto alla casa fuck a lista don’t wait the system don’t work It’ll leave you in the dirt take back our time take back our worth Kick in the doorway in the third floor that’s right cause we can’t pay rent no more and know we know the score took the door off the frame space we claim round here we ain’t the same round here they take houses empty then they ours plenty and they and us to say sorry but it’s casa populare and it’s our fuckin town yo! in case you forget what you know about polenta in a big ass pot in the middle of the street searching for integrity shut it down it’s a block party Don’t stop! What you know about that polenta
chorus: Scraping up them pennies you never get up your desperate Scrapping nails on the cement bloody as fuck and you felt it 05. Take The Rich Off Welfare Summer in the neighborhood hot as fuck babies crying moms screaming boys posted pregnant teens sweltering ...stuck Attitude hollering from the car young nuts trying act harder than they are got another bill in the mail and i ain’t gonna open it pretend it don’t exist just keep smoking it yeah one more spliff blame mama for everything cause papa dipped he was raw with his fists but i’ve moved past it bury that hatchet staring straight in the face of all my bad habits Front back side to side faded as fuck feelin kinda slow say it like you mean it letting them know every corner that you turn there’s another wall bang that head flip that brick hard times stay here put in the face make it stick show that face fix that face throw it up when u hear that bass they want us to shut up and stay in our place march to our death catch a case catch a habit we just searching for freedom do anything for it no more we avoid that tick tick tock young, poor and angry old, poor and hungry broke out of my mind fuck you pay me who police the police who keeping that peace If jesus don’t save us where will we be? home of the maize home of the brave home of the cage home of the lockdown (chorus) Do you take section 8 use that W.I.C.all the whispers bad looks she get that social stigma so mama held her head low in guilt and shame but welfare for rich and corporate no shame in their game they steal shit head up high on that 6th vacation this year that last house it;s just a spare keep their money on an island never put in the pot Just one of the ways they stay on top siphoning they take what they like shitting on your life but if we don’t pay we take it in the rear lets be clear take the rich off welfare flip that shit, all their laws keep us hungry and scared the state (system) is a criminal they keep it subliminal while my boys doing 20 to life but thats obvious, hypocritical He’s [laying them averages odds against ya feeling like a schmuck or soft polenta foster house aint no home social worker creeping round man fuck who sent ya He’s staying here till he gets his feet on the ground staying on the couch till he gets on his feet he say jail was easier than these streets at least you can eat and get a roof harsh reality we ain’t bulletproof feeling like theres no use staying in that 90 proof 2nd strike no way out Home of the maize Home of the brave Home of the cage Home of the lockdown Scrapping up them pennies never get up desperate Scrapping nails on the cement bloody as fuck and you felt it That’s why we shout don’t give a fuck cause caring sometimes hurt to much when everything fucked not caring is the key go cold, bury it deep but i don’t want to be always wanted more than stepping over casualties call me that T.T. socrates trashy philosher talking about all these tragedies and miseries questioning our whole life and where we outta be this ain’t it Honey badger when they talk that ball sack shit round here we grow up quick say goodbye to your innocence and get in this If it wasn’t for grandma where the fuck would you be If it wasn’t for grandma where the fuck would you be still wiping all that snot on your sleeve.
07. Class War Blues Got a picture for ya you can connect the dots like the bigger the haves the bigger the have nots connect four power on top one another stacked up i say the rich know whats up they know the truth they know about this class war more than we do they wanna rent a bitch bought a maid can’t clean their shit bought a slave fed up with yourself lazy fuck lazy fuck living like your birthday everyday knees up ya’ll be looking for me ease up sparking when i can you know that’s keys up without this i blow up many things severed kings head the game gotta be otherwise they roll over we can’t take it that’s why we saying what we gotta right here front line go and tell your mama shit have you seen DDM , EK that’s were i’ve been Patronized and you ---- treated like a fool patted on the head criminalized who make them rules yes boss daddy yes sir, ---- we don’t want your charity we grown, self determined we deciding our own when you know our history you know we lost when you look up in the street you know the cost they watching their back they scared of the dark security camera, gated up they scared of us cause they know they put us in a box fighting each other, fighting over crumb but tonight we busting out found out where the bread begun tear the muzzle of the mouth you can call solidarity realized it’s setup done you can call it commonality now we going head up gone cause when we stop smiling they won and when we stop trying then its game done game done
Me & We 03:14
08. Me & We Chorus: Get in where i fit in and i get in where i don’t and i get in where i don’t finding commonalties where i thought there was no hope we can coexist, make it fit find a way to work it out, gritty show them something beautiful in this grey city On a quest to live this life by our own rules without our masters show them fools what it could be like we can do more than just imagine we can start tonight organize our life before apathy taking over getting in our skin and we like fuck it all feeling small , hella uninspired fuck it all feeling small hella unempowered they got us desensitized but we still care next conscious shit anarchist, we get there first thing mama said was life ain’t fair rough out there better get prepared be an original girl you can’t be replaced an individual without community leaves usdying alone we need each other and community without individuality leave us a sheep clone following the next throne its a balance between me and we drowning in that theory but drenched in reality thirsty for that feeling that we gonna get this happening (Chorus) Looking for that thick skin cause this life can puncture is it so hard to look out for one another when i let go of one branch i hold on to another cause that ‘fix a flat’ ain’t gonna save a motherfucker only we can save us now it’s just us and that why we say it loud it’s just us Looking for a quick fix we’ve all had it looking for that luck but lady done lost it looking for that love but trying to forget it hurt too much people let you down but then they’ll bring you up thats a gift that keeps on giving like this future still unwritten looking for fighting spirit sometimes it goes under so give me your hand mutual man lean on me i’ll do the same hungry as can be feel it in the vein drowning in that theory but drenched in reality thirsty for that feeling that we gonna get this happening (Chorus)
Police Mafia 02:38
09. Police Mafia Nato col piombo degli ‘80 sotto un cielo cupo faccio il conto con la mia Sicilia terra di chi vede e resta muto quà si soccombe tra le bombe e le tombe, coperte d’intonaco i vermi sopra i corpi inermi e nello stomaco c’erano morsi,paure e mostri, attento a ciò che mostri, fatevi i fatti vostri... era la legge del più forte ora chi regge il peso del passato attualizzato dalla stessa mafia che si cambia d’abito consenso tacito, dai tempi della «piovra» e placido coi corpi di chi sgarra squagliati nell’acido ai tempi del «capo dei capi» capo capitale capita che il capo cupola governi lo stivale dalle caserme al quirinale legge infame uguale per chi si assomiglia dio denaro fa capofamiglia l’Italia tale resta e vessa regge lo schema, legge tutela mafia uguale a stato e viceversa FTP.... Nei sbiri nei mafiosi A million eyes watching you can feel the heat we got 5 little henchmen watching across the street they romancing the idea of the protective family you know godfather scarface all the kids wanna be that full of hierarchy you know papa will take care of you as long as you agree ---- no questions asked respect on a one way street not shared we all involved we forced to be i swear they say give you money to me you know that cash gotta move we must ask permission just to be just to exist use violence and fear to manipulate any situation that beretta to the face show respect if you object you be losing that neck i say, losing that voice burned out shell remains just to begin If you like the mafia you love the cops cause they working hand and hand like a pimp and a slap that don’t stop.
10. Greve Generale Chorus : I don’t know when to stop but i’ll know when I’m finished Don’t know when to stop Don’t know when to stop I don’t know when to stop but i’ll know when I’m finished Without a memory said its hard to distinguish if it’s this time, that time quick time, past time in time, thats now Trying to stay aware they say gone are the days of kings and queens but . i think their still here. This is the moment to smash the crown share the riches found stolen from our pockets stolen from beneath eyes wrapped in the flag so we can’t see Life is a rip off we better get fact’d up realize the rip off and we kick off a new game yeah, we act up we in the fight together for the right to live we want more than these options our choices are few we voting for change but what does it do? Stays the same who’s to blame? yo, I’m asking you cause I’m about not going to work tomorrow or the next day everybody Sciopero Generale Stop for a minute lets see what we’ve become cause what we need and what we want isn’t what we got they weren’t down when we were riding that bus we still ride the bus and the city is cutting that line cutting them options and ain’t nothing new trying to find what was lost in this humanity calmly i hyper analyze the situation stay covered in the cut I’m all wrapped up we deep in contemplation we could all come up we can change our situation gotta change that situation cause the tooth is still there its getting kinda mucky cause the fairy never came and we never got our money (chorus) Learning and living through the process for instance keep, keeping on while the song play all around the world its the same old same shit different place different day all the time, occupy stand up shut it down, everywhere... thats on us world town life is rip off It keeps me getting sack’d up realize the rip off and we switch off the nightmare start a new dream we dealing with death of imagination could it be leaving us incarcerated mentaly blocked diminish here to finish what i started never giving half hearted I’m here to go the distance don’t tell me it’s too late dream, imagine, create (chorus)
Today 02:17
12. Today chorus 1: Today this the one today this the one today i’m gonna get it do everything i’ve never did today i’m gonna say it say everything i’ve never said Today feeling like it’s all possible feeling that together we unstoppable Today i’m gonna listen listen real hard and grab inspiration cause it don’t last for long chorus 2 : sometimes i feel like butter sometimes i feel like ice sometimes i feel like butter like I’m melting on that knife and when i feel like ice it’s something quite insane throw up that glass, diamond cut nothing i can’t maintain butter ice butter ice try and lose try and lose but if we don’t try then we already lost sometimes we can get further than you thought thats further than you think putting my all in black and pink we stay out here cause sometimes we come together and create great things but your the missing link Chorus 1 Chorus 2 Glass half empty glass half full It’s both all the time magnified perspective learnt this on a subway ride corrective lenses i wear as i start to prepare today i feel like a child of possibilities and my imagination never got strangled out of me like kids with no toys but giant imaginations Gonna get this day started feeling like she-ra life go up and down like a mofo see saw roller coaster ride with a rabbit paw.. foot wishing everyday could feel this good Today this the one Today this the one
13. What Is Normal ? feat. Premiere Ligne It’s all you know it’s everything to you it’s normal without it things seem strange odd, out of place ,uncontrollable a different taste can make you angry defensive scared upset curious questionable ideas shared It’s all you know it’s everything to you it’s normal Was born in the beast but raised in the south claiming the best cause it made that D.D. now we are what we see that’s essere, to be whats normal to you ain’t so normal to me some strange company we need a transparency the way you do way you see universally i’m gonna share my way of seeing window of vision go threw that pane new prism, perspective share that struggle tactic, knowledge, flavor, spice share that herb playing nice time to get our mind right so many different ways to see the world i’m about that life It’s not our differences that divide us we can accept and celebrate These differences are what make us no more we hesitate we push on through their gates These nations keep us cold I put that on my soul these governments are dead It’s all been said before Hors frontières, hors normes J’ai mes propres règles qui t’emmerdent mais y’a pas mort d’homme Réfractaire dès qu’on me sermonne qu’on m’ordonne une chose j’augmente les doses de seum et d’hormones international, comme une bonne bière un bol d’air mondial comme toutes les bonnes guerres je suis toujours libre comme la foudre, comme le tonnerre en Première Ligne j’ai déjà fait le tour du système solaire j’adore ma colère, l’envers du décor c’est quoi ? un bon flic c’est un flic mort je suis comme le vent, je résiste à toutes les saisons au delà de l’horizon, derrière la raison, si tu savais tout ce qu’ils veulent que tu ne vois pas c’est l’entre-monde qui gronde mon gars c’est par là on survit, on surnage, on écrit on déballe notre rage juste on tente autre chose qu’être otage» J’transcende les normes comme l’hypnose En transe, ailleurs, je suis, celui qui ose Mon ego n’a d’égal que mon amour du collectif Mon gars, ça m’est égal que t’es la boule ou bien des tiffs Tout style, tout âge, tout sexe confondu Ma vie se mène en parallèle de votre monde de tordu Distordu comme J’emmerde la norme souviens toi de mon cri de guerre J’évite les passages cloutés, symbole d’une prison Ma tête est flouté sur les photos de nos visions A la marge mais constamment dans l’action directe C’est bizarre tout ce qui se passe, ce que produit dans ma tête Plus aucune attache, de prise, dans le réel Mon âme se détache de mon corps, tout devient virtuel Des couleurs, de la lumière blanche, non c’est pas le paradis C’est Première ligne, DDM, le rap, juste nos vies le temps ou les frontières Camino..ciego, eso te digo, pa delante sigo, a ver, decime que es normal? que diferencia entre el hombre y el animal?
Stuck 02:58
14.Stuck Chorus 1: Wake up in the morning like a slap in the face saying bitch shut the fuck up Wake up in the morning like a rat in race just trying to get enough Wake up in the morning like a girl never knew her place living on that tough love Wake up in the morning like a slap in the face saying bitch shut the fuck up stuck you were feeling some type of way feeling stuck Chorus 2: Clock in clock out Blood in blood out run it back do it again stuck Stuck in the middle you spinning them wheels running in place going nowhere fast going nowhere quick and you can’t see a way out living in the moment living in the past got you feeling sick feet of lead and mud brick and mortar now come handle this and its so clear feeling beat down with a morning kiss pulled from a dream not always what it seems they ain’t playing nice, playing yoyo with our lives, got our throat to them knives not enough just a slice want it all on this plight ---- and they taking it no mistaken it got you worried but you still faking it trying to keep it cool cause you know life is more than this It’s not their rules that you live for It’s much more stay steady looking for them accomplices stuck you were feeling some type of way feeling stuck playing repeat everyday, feeling stuck we got no time to say its not enough, stuck I’m a quality girl in a disposable world, that wonderbread keep you half fed, formaldehyde you walking round here have dead sick with frustrations on what to do next, one wrong move you dealing with consequences that you might regret when the money spent money spent snuffed in the face pushed back stuck in a rut feeling trapped continuous habit trying to escape on my last sack trying paint a picture, skull framed, staying on the brink, but we maintain even though It always feels like your losing cause the small victories can’t see at the time feel like you cruising for a bruising cause the triumph over adversity ain’t recognized.... stuck Chorus 2) (Chorus 1)


released September 11, 2014

Written, recorded and produced by DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta)
@"EK Studio Occupata" Milano, Italy,

Mixed @ "Studio Rouge" Tristan Mazire

Mastered @ "Audible Oddities" Shawn Hatfield

1. DDM (intro)
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
2. Flags
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
3. Power
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
4. Casa Occupata
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD, Acero Moretti / Mix : Tristan Mazire
5. Take the rich off welfare
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Malatesta
6. Rap anarchico
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Malatesta
7. Class war blues
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Saxophone : Burnell Caldwell /
Mix : Malatesta
8. Me & We
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
9. Police Mafia
Beat : Leleprox & Malatesta / Words : DD, Picciotto /
Mix : Tristan Mazire
10. Greve Generale
Beat : Piloophaz / Words : DD / Mix : Piloophaz
11. Fuck the boss
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Malatesta
12. Today
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
13. What is normal?
Beat : Don Korto / Words : DD, E-One, Skalpel /
Scratches and Cuts : Akye / Edit: Malatesta / Mix : Tristan Mazire
14. Stuck
Beat : Malatesta / Words : DD / Mix : Tristan Mazire
15. Damn goverment
Beat : Malatesta & Phantom Patient / Words : DD / Mix : Malatesta

Front cover design by Flaccidia...
Digipak design and layout by H*

Photos by :
copyright - GautierZaregradsky
Leleprox,, Samed Hajji




DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) Berlin, Germany

Born in San Francisco, raised in Milano now based in Berlin.

From their start in 2005 on, DDM have been committed to carrying on the tradition of hip-hop as a way of sharing stories of struggle, giving the perspective and drawing attention to the voices that are never heard.
coming in 2021 the “Blood Money” EP

A European and North American tour is being planned for 2021.
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