Sit Dooown
shut up shut up
Sit down

Sit Dooown
shut up shut up


Listen to the sound
Listen to the voice
People never heard
Never had a choice

They talk to much
They never shut up
They talk to much
Time to listen up

Ive done the math
theres more of us to
all my people
feeling stuck
love us on the ground
always get up
skinny lil bit
thought you’d roll over
when we come together
stand so tall
shooting the shit
i got shit to shoot
I’ve been watching
all y’all
where you took
our loot
think your cute
think your slick
eat a dick
that don’t work
suck on this
get it quick
pulling all that green
never pass shit
poor always carry the rich
we work for it
you greedy
youza cold bitch
We stay warm as the sun
sun kissed
Run with us
raised fist
trying to resist
best you can
no more head in the sand
carry on tradition
fuck the man
by the man we meant the
corporate government
taught us all this
gangster shit

Sit dooown
shut up shut up
Sit down

Sit dooown
shut up shut up

Listen to the sound
Who silenced our voice
Silenced for a reason
Ignored by choice

They talk to much
They never shut up
They talk to much
Time to listen up

They talk all that
They talk all this
But the poor stay poor
and the rich stay rich
Talk all that
make ya ears bleed
Talk all that
never get what ya need
Poverty created daily
no dignity
we angry and tired
placing blame where
it don’t need to be
they created
a violent society
we need to
punch up
punch up
we on some
they need us and shit
like they
trying to make us forget
we do all the work
all days always
we don’t need you
its true .
we never hear our
point of view
our words we seek
talk all that
with their
butter ass teeth
yuck mouth
get no relief
let us live
let us breath
borrowing courage
from each other to speak
lean on you
lean on me
then we don’t
need that position
change with ease
the system
make it obsolete


from Punch Up, released June 30, 2019
Written and produced by DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) in Berlin,
Recorded and Mixed by Tristan Mazire @Studio Garage / La Fugitive, Paris
with a lot of love :) 




DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) Berlin, Germany

Born in San Francisco, raised in Milano now based in Berlin.

From their start in 2005 on, DDM have been committed to carrying on the tradition of hip-hop as a way of sharing stories of struggle, giving the perspective and drawing attention to the voices that are never heard.
coming in 2021 the “Blood Money” EP

A European and North American tour is being planned for 2021.
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